Corporate Culture

    Entrepreneurial spirit:  quality, integrity, efficiency, work
    Business goals:  "the sea takes in hundreds of rivers, thick in order to set Road." Acer Group in the development of diversified traditional look to the future, absorbing and sincere cooperation, the exquisite technology, the arts of pride, co-create a beautiful stone industry's future.
    Business philosophy:  talent-based enterprises to create their homes; beyond the self, and then into the study with the fear; the observance of good faith, make friends at home and abroad; continuous innovation, to create win-win value.
    Corporate motto: to shape the business as the quality of stone.
    Quality Policy: has the market-oriented to quality survival, in order to market the brand extension to the effectiveness of services.
    Quality goal: "the quality of racing from time to time, brand name for future development." Since its inception the company, make unremitting efforts to guarantee product quality, to promote total quality management specification to customer satisfaction as the goal, to exceed customer expectations as the standard.

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